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There is currently to option to completely delete your profile in TimesJobs. Instead, you must deactivate the account and clear your resume information. Then unsubscribe from the service. Account

Visit the Manage Your Account and Blogs page. Before you delete your account, Keep in mind the following :

  • Your primary blog will be deleted.
  • Your secondary blogs will be deleted and you'll be removed from any group blogs you may be a member of.
  • Your email address and blog URL can be used to create a new account or blog.
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Twitter Account

Deactivation puts your account in a queue for permanent deletion from Twitter. To deactivate your account :

  • Sign in to on the web.
  • Go to your Account settings and click on Deactivate my account at the bottom of the page.
  • Read the account deactivation information. Click Okay, fine, deactivate account.
  • Enter your password when prompted and verify that you want to deactivate your account.
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